Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It couldn't just happen book reveiw.

In the beginning, The earth was a dry and dreary place, but there was a explosion, and in a pool of water two cells comined to create the biggest, bestest, most amazing thing ever, LIFE. Really That's how it all began? Sure with no creator and no evidence?. well that just doesn't sound right does it. It couldn't just happen Tells how, well it couldn't just happen. it shows proof how there has to be a creator or nothing could happen!

The point is that God made the earth perfect for Us, We couldn't have just happened into insistence. If you saw a beautiful painting, and you found out that there was no artist, wouldn't you question how it came into insentience? Of course you would! God made us, He made everything, And he loves you Very Much.

What this book really meant to me was that God made this world perfect for us, if it were only one centemeter bigger gravity would crush humanity, if it were any closer to the Sun, we would be Cooked litterally. If the earth was even a little farther away from the sun we would freeze. I loved this book and it really made me think. I know you will love this book as much as I did.

By Abby Hartwig
P.S. This book was given to me to review honestly by Book sneeze

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