Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review: Fashioned by Faith by Rachel Lee Carter

Is it possible to both maintain modesty and fashionably dress? Rachel Lee Carter, a popular model, answers that seemingly small, yet worried about question. She includes:
  • he said: A section where God-fearing young men share there feelings on the importance of a young woman's modesty
  • she said: Rachel Carter shares her personal stories, along with tip on modesty
  • He said: scripture based proof of God's love for modesty, along with daily, applicable knowledge.
  • a 45 day devotional at the end of the book, which is great for book clubs, small groups, or solo-use :)
  • Many fill in the blank questions, which help store the newly gained knowlege.          
 I loved this book. With applicable tips on everything from how to stay modest all the way to how to maintain your reputation, this book is a sure-winner. One of my favorite parts was to see how much us girls dressing modestly actually effects guys! It was great that Rachel  acknowledged the importance to have a modest heart as well as a modest body. one of the most interesting things she said was that we need to be teachable. This was hard for me to grasp because I know that I can feel a bit  wronged sometimes when people don't agree with something I am doing. I am going to definitely work on that! Overall, I think this is a superb book for both mothers and daughters and aunts and grandmas :) I truly hope you read it! Every woman/young woman NEEDS to read this!