Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Review Once upon a Prince

Wait, What? He said WHAT???? After twelve years, Tours as a Marine, High school, and THIS?
You were so sure that He was going to propose, but instead he breaks up with me! The last thing you  need right now is a boyfriend, But When a Prince walks up and helps you change  a tire, well that resolve heads out the window. When he asks you to design a garden, as YOU like, well it’s all you have ever dreamed of. You have fallen head over heels in love with him, but when the royal court disagrees with how “American” you are. Throw in a Jealous heiress, Well let’s just say you’re in for a bumpy, but Exciting roller coaster ride.
Join Susanne Truitt who is taking you through all the perils and princes that are truly the things of modern day Fairy tales.  A tale that has been spun, twisted, and all together fun loved!
I absolutely loved this book, I loved the twists and turns, the Many Laughs, and the occasional cry. Overall a very good read And I positively couldn’t put it down.

Abby J
P . S . I received this book from Book sneeze, to review Honestly.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So shines the night book review

What’s happening you think to yourself, all you’ve ever known has been ripped from you, again. First your father now your husband, the only job that has required you intelligence, and now you chance at teaching, all gone. So you’re running far from everything far from the Sorcerers that have held captive the girl you are now running with, far from Rhodes far away, when you grabbed the strangers hand as he held out before you a new journey you had no Idea how new it would be, but could anyone have seen how many troubles still faced? Becoming a tutor was perhaps the best and worst choice of your life, a story unfolds with a battle that’s unseen, and two people with powers unlike anything you had ever seen, faced against the choice between the gods, or the Christians one true God, what will your choice be?

Set in 57 A.D. the story follows Daria a female tutor in the throes of wickedness and betrayal can she survive or better yet will she truly be living if she does?

Narrated by the Apostle John, and reliving Paul’s ride in Ephesus come along for this rollercoaster of a ride and find out where true power lies.

This book was given to me to review honestly by Booksneeze book review

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Right where I belong, Kristi Mcgee, Book review

Imagine if you were Ruth, going with Naomi to Nazareth, except you’re not Ruth and you’re not going to Nazareth, you are going to Florida with your Stepmom trying to get away from your dad and soon to be fourth stepmom. Needing a change of scenery, Natalia’s world is coming down hard, and fast around here. But when she meets a Charming Pastors son Brian she realizes she might not need to write of all love as a catastrophe. When finding her place in all of God’s love seems like an impossible feet, she might not be able to do it on your own, you’re going to need help to find your place in it all.
I thought that this book was a great book on Kristi’s part. I loved all the powerful messages in the chapters, and the fact that the book is no to preachy but yet shares the message of Faith in such a way that makes me Smile. I LOVED this book and had such a great time reading, I cannot wait to see what else Kristi Mcgee has in store. Remember God has you Right where you belong.
 I was given this book to review honestly by Booksneeze