Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall

     Sylvia Fisher needed to get out. As an Amish woman at this stage in her life, she should have been married and had a few children by now. She would have had all that, and her enjoyable life as a dairy farmer. Unfortunately, she is betrayed by the two people she loves most.  After a treacherous kiss, Sylvia must leave her home.  Filled with guilt and unpleasant memories, Sylvia accepts a job from an Amish couple, working and living on their dairy farm.
     Aaron Blank has recovered. Being in alcohol rehab for 6 months, he is a new man, but unfortunately, his parents do not think quite so highly of their only surviving son.  When he arrives home, he tries to get his parents to sell their dairy farm that is covered in debt. When his suggestion is only returned with hostility, he knows it will take a lot more convincing his parents. During the time that Aaron is home, he meets Sylvia Fisher, his parent’s new farmhand. Knowing his parents love her like a daughter, he thinks if he can get her to stop working so hard she will leave and make his job a little easier.  Through trials, tribulation, and terrible temptations, Aaron and Sylvia learn to trust and care for each other.
     This book was well written, with both a can’t-put-my-book-down plot and an awesome purpose. Cindy Woodsmall’s  way of getting into the character’s heads will most definitely win her some faithful readers, myself included!  I have read all three in this series, and I believe this one is the best. If you enjoy lighthearted fiction with a purpose, then this book is for you!

Waterbrook gave me this book for free so that I could write this review.

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