Saturday, May 21, 2011

book review: Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

     As Christians, we nearly all have sang the song "The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock." as children, and as we grew older, we already had presumed that we were the wise man. Is this always true? In this theologically brilliant book, Joshua Harris reveals that not all Christians have a solid foundation. He then proceeds to show some important doctrines that every Christian should agree with, such as "Jesus is the Son of God." and others of this simplicity. He uses both humorous examples and his own true stories to prove his point, all the while showing the truth within the message.

     I can not agree with Josh Harris more. Every Christian should cement their foundational beliefs and doctrines, lest they be washed away by a storm. Even if they don't completely agree with all of the beliefs written in the book, this book still is a great reminder to be prepared with our doctrines fully ready for any storm the devil throw our way, so we can come out of our house after the storm without even a dent of damage. Overall, I thought it was a great book. I am still a huge fan of Joshua Harris's, and Alex and Brett Harris for that matter. I have loved all of their books that I have read. Josh has done it yet again with this wonderfully sound theological manuscript.


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